Smoddysharp recognises the value men bring to their families and communities. Man Matters is a vehicle for providing spaces for discussion and joint-working arrangements.

Corona Virus (COVID-19) has left many feeling, anxious, worried, alone in isolation, or feeling trapped in the home.
We’re here to support our clients and new friends during this time with coping strategies that can help make you, the people you care about and the wider community stronger.

Consider protecting yourself from information overload. Take time away from your screens.

Look after your mind and body, a balanced diet and exercise can be useful in this endeavour.

Do things you enjoy.

Stay connected regularly to friends and family via calls, messaging, social group apps such as Skype, Houseparty, Zoom etc…

Stay safe, Stay well, Stay Smoddy.


We encourage working partnerships with men’s groups and organisations and provide safe spaces to facilitate discussion and empowerment initiatives for the betterment of  mind and physical health.

For men in particular, the subject of mind and body health can be an awkward subject to talk about. There is potential to encounter these issues within the right environment and setting.

If you represent an organisation that has an interest in the well-being of men or you are an individual wanting to host a like-minded event we would like to hear from you.