By Marie Robertson

You asked, we answered!

Smoddysharp of London is pleased to provide select Relaxation & Wellbeing services for the Smoddy Ladies!

A far cry from the busy and often sterile environment of the nail-bar, Smoddysharp’s classy, chilled space will provide a selection of services for ladies on Friday’s and Saturday’s; opening your minds and choice to a calming, sophisticated, relaxed space set within a time-honored environment.

The Smoddy Lady reflects self-care and confidence and is empowered by the embracing of the real you.

Our services are facilitated by caring professionals and the Smoddy Lady will be pampered for the benefit of her relaxation & wellbeing.

Services on offer will include facials, eyebrow care and massage.

Gentlemen you have license to treat!

Ladies, you are invited to experience relaxation & wellbeing with the highest regard class and style with relaxing music and a bar!

Did someone say Pampering and prosecco!

Catch up with friends or simply take that well-deserved time out for yourself.

Unwind and destress as Smoddysharp of London will ensure you promote and maintain an all-round healthier you.

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