A well presented suit on a man is like lingerie on a woman!

Visit us in Forest Hill and take advantage of massive reductions to our sample suits, -to suit your wallet/purse after a busy Christmas 2019! 

The UK retail sector in 2019 suffered its worst annual performance on record we can only guess after political uncertainty which depressed festive season sale. The value of retail sales fell in 2019, down from 1.2 per cent growth in 2018!

So taking into account the fact that UK shoppers left it rather late last year for their holiday shopping, we at Smoddysharp would like to assist by offering, -(at very reasonable prices):

  • a variety of sizes
  • two-piece suits or jackets
  • varied style and fabric weights

Take advantage while limited stock lasts! We have the finest Italian wool fabrics and blends to suit a variety of occasions.

Contact Us or send us an email for any enquires into size, fabric and style.

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