We want to ask as many of you as possible to help us help our fellow Smoddies in coping through this period of isolation at home.

We are asking you to forward us your videos -(less than a minute long please) and/or your photographs that can be shared on our social platforms to encourage ideas and give inspiration to others about how they can make use of their isolation time!

You may wish to forward us a picture of yourself gardening, or perhaps undertaking DIY tasks around the house? -(Perhaps with a cheeky onlooker in the background wondering what on earth your’re doing)!

Maybe you’ve been forced into teacher mode as you have children at home and not in school?

You could forward a picture or video of you at home playing a board game with the family or even just a picture of the game!

Perhaps you have an interesting hobby you wish to share with us? Perhaps you fix motorbikes, paint or build model planes, boats etc…

Maybe just taking a stroll in the park?..

A Man Matters Initiative.

This is part of our Man Matters initiative which has a purpose to help the mental health and well-being of men. Therefore we would wholeheartedly appreciate your contributions and input! Many of us are dealing with stress and could do with uplifting and support.

Please send videos/pictures via whatsapp to the Smoddy mobile: 07468950910.

Pictures can be sent via the same number or via email: smoddysharp@gmail.com


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