After many battles with codes, files, servers, domains and more codes and more files, a complete crash and a restart from scratch! We are proud to launch our revised Smoddyharp of London website for 2020! (A special shout-out our friends and clients who have contributed by way of lending their images to the site and we are very grateful for the support and recognition we have received)!

They say good things will come to those who wait and judging by your response  and feedback on the site, existing clients, visitors and prospective clients alike can now navigate with ease; whilst also getting a good understanding of who we are and why we do what we do.

The sleek new web-page designs boast a sophisticated black & gold theme with easily recognisable icons related to services for continuity and easy access to navigate back and forth. These improvements add some much-needed character to the site and is in stark contrast to the more business-like, previous design.

We have added a number of well-placed navigational buttons and links and the ‘Book Now’ button which has manifested an increase in on-line bookings as a result! Hopefully this bodes well with our established clients and will also work to inspire new Smoddy prospects.

Additional Relaxation & Well-being Services!

Existing clients may have also noted the additional services on offer within our Relaxation and Well-being service and with 2020 seeing our business focus more on these aspects, we have showcased additional services under, ‘Mind and Body Therapies’ such as yoga, reiki massage, sound baths and personal training to ‘Smoddy your Body‘ with ex-GB athlete Julian Thomas.

Man Matters.
We are very excited to introduce you to our ‘Man Matters‘ page through which we will encourage joint-working partnerships with organisations whose work involves well-being of the mind; especially in respect of men.

The difficulty for men in expressing heightened feelings and emotion is widely understood but at the same time, it is the men’s lack in coming forward with such feelings that has been linked to high levels of depression and in the most extreme cases, suicide. -The latter being a subject of particular note to us at Smoddysharp. We have sought to create an environment for men to relax, and, if only for a few hours, escape the day-to-day stresses of life. In Man Matters, we want to expand this energy with what we hope will be a dark horse in the smoddysharp armoury to combat against male suicide and depression.

Made to Measure

It was only right that we spruced up Smoddysharp’s ‘Made to Measure‘ page to reflect the array of fabrics and styles on offer!

Whereas we could never do full justice in a bid to display the abundance of fabrics, styles and options we have on offer in store, we have created a page more colourful and and appealing and have showcased a few styles that should, at the very least, prompt further enquiry as we will then aim to make you a garment suited to your body’s perfection.

Venue Hire and Franchise Opportunity

Two un-related pages that are in themselves important enough to have no parent as far as the Menu is concerned.

In respect of the ‘Venue Hire‘ page we want to encourage expressions of interest from professional persons,organisations or social groups in need of a space to hold their functions/activities.

Our ‘Franchise Opportunity‘ page is open for those persons or groups that would like to explore the possibility of realising a Smoddysharp franchise.

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